Are you a small organization ready to take your business to the next level? Do you love your brand, but feel it needs a little “refresh”? Are you moving into the uncharted territory of balancing your organization’s heart with the business needs of growth?


If so, The Hummingbird Group is here to help you.


The Hummingbird Group is rooted in one of the most unique attributes of its namesake: the way the bird approaches the necessity of flight. Like a hummingbird’s ability to fly backward, The Hummingbird Group recognizes the importance of reflecting on the past to learn: Growth through Reflection. The Hummingbird Group can utilize learnings from diverse sets of expertise to bring your organization the right solution. We understand the value of recognizing your organization’s journey in order to build a strong foundation for its future. The hummingbird’s capability to hover for long periods of time and then quickly change directions personifies the ability to approach each situation uniquely and move on with confidence and quickness. Finally, the bird’s skill to fly upside down when necessary represents the approach we take with every project: we will turn over every rock, ask every question, and explore every possibility to ensure we are fully informed before making recommendations which are unique to your organization.

“Jessica Schroer is the best, most engaging and inspiring speaker I have had the pleasure to listen and learn. She is a natural storyteller who teaches and entertains. Jessica is truly gifted.”

— Colonel Fred Johnson (USA, Retired)

The Hummingbird Group focuses on two core business areas: nonprofit organizational support and business consulting.


  • The Hummingbird Group has over 15 years of working with nonprofit organizations of all sizes, in various roles from professional employment, board membership, design and as an advocate and advisor.
  • The Hummingbird Group can employ a variety of techniques to assist your company, such as:
    • Work Sessions: Conduct work sessions with boards to help create a cohesive team
    • Roles and Responsibilities Identification: Assess and recommend board roles and responsibilities and identify opportunities within current board structures
    • Brand Guideline Creation: Create cohesive brand style guidelines to instruct all marketing, advertising and communication materials
    • Financial Acumen Application: Assist in yearly budget creation and accountability
    • Conflict Management: Within the board and/or with the Executive Director
    • Trusted Advising: Provide a third-party perspective to any challenge your organization may come across from staffing, to financial to development of employees/staff
    • Social Media Calendar: Work with the organization to develop a social media calendar around key times of the year
    • Communications Planning: Develop an in-depth multi-channel communications plans to help the organization meet their business goals
    • Strategic Guidance: Create organizational personas to use as a roadmap for communication channel and message selection

Jessica has completed online courses in How to Resolve Unresolvable Conflicts in Nonprofits and Grant Writing: Keys to a Successful Proposal.


  • Marketing Operations: No project or account is too complex for The Hummingbird Group. With over 20 years of multi-channel, multi-partner integration and operation experience, The Hummingbird Group brings a unique and holistic approach to tasks such as communications planning, facilitating brainstorming session, product launching, and the development of training processes and curriculum.

Jessica is an expert in optimizing processes within organizations and across organizations.

The Hummingbird Group brings over 12 years of government contracting, management and execution, experience which is supported by Jessica L. Schroer’s Contract Management certificate from St. Louis University, in addition to completing online courses in Planning Risk Management.

“I run a growing academic outreach program in Honduras……..Jessica took a very daunting task, cast a clear vision and broke it down for us into actionable steps. The investment she made with us will make a huge difference for cost and time efficiency of our organization.”

— Lance Turner, Ruach International Christian Academy