Reach Out Hondoras

Reach Out Honduras (ROH) is a charitable organization that works tirelessly to ensure that orphans and vulnerable children in the La Mosquitia region of Honduras can move forward in their education. In La Mosquitia which is predominantly rural, typical public education ends in ninth grade, but the education provided by ROH extends beyond this. The ROH program currently has over 450 students enrolled in school, provides two meals a day, and offers the opportunity for the students’ parents to give back and donate their time.


In 2017, Jessica was invited to facilitate a two-day work session with the board. The board understood that as they continued to grow and move toward their tenth year, having a cohesive leadership structure was critical to the ministry. The work sessions began with a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis, followed by reviewing the board structure with an emphasis on the roles and responsibilities, and ending with the development of a ministry executive summary and an enhanced mission statement.

This session set the stage for dedicated focus on the overall brand of Reach Out Honduras. Jessica worked with Cool Cat Design to refine the branding into a more cohesive brand. This team created Brand Guidelines unique to Reach Out Honduras, refined the logo, enhanced the Global Community document, and created a stationary package. All this effort prepared Reach Out Honduras for its 10-year anniversary as well as positioned the ministry to begin applying for grants.


In late summer 2019, Jessica worked closely with Laura Parker Waits, co-founder of ROH, in a website relaunch. Incorporating the new branding while streamlining the website will help elevate the program and provide an inviting space for those who are interested in learning more about the program. The relaunch of the website happened in late September. http://reachouthonduras.org/

The creative assets are beautiful and bring us to a new level of excellence. We are so glad to have you working toward the goal of LOVE in La Mosquitia.

— Laura Parker Waits, Co-Founder of Reach Out Honduras