Mountain Top Ministries 

Mountain Top Ministries, located just outside of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, is a small boys home that believes in a structural foundation of faith, discipline, and education with the goal of preparing their young men to be active and positive members of their community.

Since before 2012, Jessica has been partnering with Mountain Top Ministries as an advocate, supporter, advisor and fundraiser. In an advisory capacity, she works closely with the ministry leadership, providing guidance on financial decisions, educational matters, and mentorship of the young men. As a financial expert, Jessica works with the ministry leadership on any fiscal questions that may arise and brainstorms new fundraising ideas and coordinates a yearly fundraiser to support the ministry. As a supporter, Jessica offer words and actions of encouragement to not only the ministry leadership but also the young men of the ministry. Jessica provides another positive role model and confidant for the young men. She partners with ministry leadership in all aspects of the program and provide that confidential ‘ear’ when needed.